The venue will be the same as every year. This year it is called CIC Innovation Campus (previously: Factory Berlin). Address: Lohm├╝hlenstra├če 65, 12435 Berlin.

Preregistration starts at 12pm on Friday. Doors open at 4pm on Friday.

You have access to almost the entire venue for ETHBerlin04. Go explore, find all experiences, eat at the restaurant, chill in the cinema or discover the best rooms for hacking. This venue map will help you navigate all the floors.

Start at the registration and gift shop on the ground floor. A secondary entrance and exit is available through backyard 0 (registered hackers only).

Note, areas marked in grey (and the entire 4th floor) are not available for hackers this year.

Ground Floor

ground floor

First Floor

first floor

Second Floor

second floor

Third Floor

third floor

Fourth Floor

fourth floor

Fifth Floor

fifth floor